Southern Cross Laundry
Use Our Hot Air For Your Laundry

- Lora Premo 5/3/2022
"This is a truly wonderful laundromat. It’s under relatively new management since a few years back and it’s beautifully clean, the machines are all working well, the women who oversee the place are fantastic, they keep trouble out, and they offer amazing customer service. And the prices are outstanding. I would go here 100 times over versus anywhere else I’ve been in town. They also own the laundromat on South Nevada which is also pretty nice, but this one is better. I do my own laundry a lot, but lately I’ve been bringing just my clothes to them to do — the price is just right and they do a fabulous job of following your directions, and they have a wide assortment of detergents even for the most allergic among us, and they offer holistic softeners like vinegar and wool balls for the dryer — I can’t say enough good things about both the laundromat and the laundry service."